How to pay 0% company income tax in European Union?

This tax course is for Entrepreneurs who have felt the burden of growing bureaucracy, regulations and of course, taxes. Instead of freedom that we all pursue, we have found ourselves being suffocated by the current European business environment. Fortunately, there is a better solution for You. 

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Story of a selfish tax-evaiding billionaire.

This story is about Chuck Feeney. Some people have heard of him, but not nearly as many as you would imagine considering his remarkable life.

Feeney built his multibillion dollar empire primarly on duty-free retail shopping. He enabled shoppers to avoid paying the sales tax and VAT.

As this is not enough, he himself became the poster child of tax-avoidance.

According to forbes, Feeney has tried to avoid taxes at every stage of his career, setting up companies in Liechtenstein, Bermuda, and so forth..

He already sounds like a horrible person. Probably driving around with his Rolls Royce or Ferrari, looking down on all the poor people...

Well, let me tell you something about Chuck Feeney.

He has spent last few decades giving away his entire fortune. Compared to him, Bill Gates looks like an amateur.

In last 30 years, Feeney has given away nearly 8 billion dollars through his foundation. He flies coach, does not own expensive watches or car collection.

Feeney's personal net worth is now about 2 million bucks. He has given away 99.98% of his wealth.

Instead of letting politicians choose what to do with his money, he has chosen his own path. And instead of funding wars and useless government programs, he has done actual difference for many people in need.

He has built entire hospitals, universities, funded cancer research, invested hundreds of millions in AIDS benefit to Africa, developed a new technology hub on Roosevelt island and built $300 million medical centre in California.

Feeney has made life-changing donations in Australia, Vietnam, Africa, United states, South-Africa and Europe..and so forth.

Much of this was made possible because Feeney did not trust self-serving politicians with his money.

He took completely LEGAL steps to take control of is savings.

Quicker you take back the control of your financials and your life, more chances you have to change the life of people around you.

I am not urging you towards illegal tax-evasion. You should never do anything criminal.

I am urging you to use the legal opportunities that are available, so you and your family could enjoy a better life. Simply hoping to collect your hard earned pension is not sufficient, not anymore.

I don't want to be the one who delivers the bad news, but there is already a 2 trillion € funding hole in European pension systems.

This essentially means that your taxes are going to go even higher...or governments will simply bail on their promises to pay out pensions.

All this means You need to take back the control of your life and your future.

This tax course teaches you just that.  You will learn some of the opportunities that you could start using today.  It is not only the taxes, but overall simplicity of doing business that matters.

Important note: This tax course is not for everyone. I will not provide you with any magic solutions or information about how to use tax havens. I will teach you about EU jurisdiction that gives you more freedom, flexibility and supports your path on your entrepreneurial journey. You are still liable for the taxes in a country where you are a tax resident in.

About The Tax Course

This course is about..

Estonian business environment. For 50 years, Estonia was part of the Soviet Union. Since Russian tanks left in 1991, Estonia has gone lengths to make itself attractive for foreign entrepreneurs.

What's so special about it?

Look, gates of Heaven do not open, but 0% company income tax is pretty unique feature in the EU. Whole company management is done online. Low bureaucracy and stable European economy.

About me and what I do

I manage Comistar office in Estonia. We help foreign entrepreneurs to navigate with their Estonian companies. Our team works hard to provide the best possible service. We are picky about our clients, but once you are in, you are in.

You will get 4 different modules with videos:

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What Our Clients Think

What You Should Know

I get it, I really do. It is not an easy decision to establish a company to some Eastern European country.

This is exactly why I created this course. For 797€ you can learn everything You need to know, without making any considerable monetary or time investments .. or paying consultants for advice. 

Best part? You get a lifetime access and You can always come back to it for more information. 

There are some things you need to know about Estonia..

Estonia is often referred to as an e-tiger and known for its e-government. Most startups per capita? Estonia. Skype and Transferwise originate from here. Richard Branson promotes Tallinn as the new top destination to found your seed company. 

But...of course, it is not some entrepreneurial heaven where You can do whatever You want.. As a member of the EU and OECD, there are still laws and regulations to be followed.

Politicians in Estonia have made some very good decisions in the past, but as an average, they are no better than politicians in Your country.  We just have had less time to build up the bureaucratic machines that exist in the "Old Europe".

Timing is important as well...When building up our systems, internet and software were already around and technology was already advancing in lightning speed (as it is today).

..Which has given us the opportunity to open and manage companies digitally, file tax declarations digitally, vote digitally etc.

Managing your company online is just convinient. According to the OECD, Estonia has the most competitive tax code in the industrialized world.

You might be thinking..OK Mikk, I can watch the video course, but how much does it cost to actually open a company in Estonia?  Well, it depends how it is done, but you can start with as little as few hundred euros, if you do it yourself online. And I will show you exactly how to do it once you are in.

Even the smallest businesses can benefit from this opportunity. Incorporation and upkeep costs are low.

Find out how you can take an advantage of this opportunity by becoming an insider. You can access the video course by clicking the button below.


Notify me once the tax course is opened